Parrhesia Berlin

Parrhesia: School of Philosophy, Berlin e.V. is a non-profit teaching and research organization devoted to the public practice of philosophy. It is a proud chapter of the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy. 

All comers are welcome: our courses and events have no entry requirements or assessment.

Autumn Programme

Parrhesia Berlin invites you to a 5-day course on Foucault and Derrida in Couples Therapy with Freud. And two evening talks: "Colonial and Decolonial Violence: How Anticolonial Thinkers Reinvented the Politics of Force" and "Is Enjoyment Antisocial? Marx and Freud as Critics of Ressentiment".

The Autumn programme runs from Tuesday 18 October - 15 November. Attendance is in-person and online via Zoom. Please register as soon as possible as in-person places are limited. Each session will be recorded and made available to those unable to make the schedule. 

Parrhesia’s courses allow for a wide variety of subjects extending from film theory to the history of philosophy, from theories of technology and art to contemporary political concerns. By offering the option of doing multiple courses for only a little more than the single course price Parrhesia encourages students to broaden their experience of different philosophical traditions and themes.

parrhesia-october-2022-100.gif Drawing by Joulia Strauss. Avtonomi Akadimia in the Akadimia Platonos 'BlackRock Protest Semester' 2017. Design by Eirini Vlavianou and Natasa Efstathiadi 

Information for participants 

Photos may be taken at Parrhesia events and subsequently published on the website; the consent of participants is presumed. For more information about the courses see the enrolment page.